Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Homework Planner - Your New Best Friend!

A homework planner is one tool in school, which helps to establish successful organizational skills, from the very beginning of the school year to the very end of the school year. Many adults have planners/calendars they use to help keep them organized at work and home as well which is a wonderful way to model the success to their children.

Homework planners are used to keep track of many tasks. First of all, a homework planner has pages for daily assignments. There are also monthly calendars to write in long term projects and assignments, tests, special school events, vacations, sports practice times and birthdays just to mention a few. Homework planners often include some excellent reference pages such as prayers, Holy days, maps, states, countries, abbreviations, grammar help, science charts and math notes.

After a full day of school, classes will often write down homework together. This is an excellent opportunity to work on listening and copying skills, listing accurate assignments and dates and most importantly being responsible to keep track of these assignments by completing and turning them is on time. These organizational steps are not only helpful to the students, but also for parents. The homework planner serves as a wonderful means of communication for parents to know what there is for homework, short and long term.

Homework planners should be brought home each night. Sometimes a student gets home and can’t remember if they had some or no homework. Students simply need to open their planner and check. This will easily help alleviate the possibility of any unnecessary stress by filling the planner out and bringing it home each night.

"Homework planners are excellent tools
in developing strong organization skills." 

All parents, I’m sure, will echo the importance of being organized and prepared for school and the future.

Most likely you will be using a planner to copy homework, due dates for projects, etc. Look at it! Some assignments are due the next day and some are given on Monday and not due until Friday. If you have soccer practice on Monday and Wednesday make sure you organize your time to do the work on Tuesday or Thursday.

Some helpful tips...
  • Never leave assignments until the last minute.
  • When you are done, put the work in your backpack where it belongs. This will make it easier for you to find in the morning at school, so you can hand it in on time.

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