Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Power of Choice

Before I was a teacher I was a nanny for a family of 7 children. Yes, 7 children! I was still in college, barely out of my teens, and responsible for 7 young lives. In order to not go nuts and have 7 children going 7 different ways, I needed a general management strategy for every day. Thank the Lord for education courses because right around that time a genius professor told us about guided choices.

The trick that makes this a win win, is that regardless the choice made, you as the adult get the desired outcome and the child gets to practice free will. If there is a child in your life that needs some gentle guidance try a choice.

Example: Your child likes to run into the road. (Clearly a choice needed some redirecting.) Give them the option that together you hop across the road like bunnies OR they hold your hand. Both choices give you the desired outcome, the child crossed the street safely and with you. The child will then feel empowered because they helped make a choice for their body. Everyone wins!

This can be used in the classroom or home. Kid's "hate" veggies? Let them pick what vegetable is put on their plate to eat. Kid's "hate" homework? Let them pick the way they practice their spelling list. This can be used in so many situations everywhere!

So, get out there, make choices, and good luck!

Ms. Alex Poirier
Kindergarten Teacher
St. Francis Xavier School

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