Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Learning our Heritage Through Language

I just heard a little knock on my door. It’s the end of the day, in fact, a day off for the students but a training day for us, faculty. I see a silhouette in the door as I’m approaching. My face lights up as I recognize a parent, smiling back at me. He hands me a little tiny French book. He found it in the older part of the school, as he was doing work for us. I told him I was recognizing it from my days as a schoolgirl. We chat about the book and its stories and there it comes…. my idea for this blog!

Our heritage, just as this father embraces his own heritage and clearly wants to pass it down to his children, it is a vital part of us we cannot ignore.

Mine is French-Canadian. I am proud to say I was born in Quebec, I am even more proud to say I now live surrounded with people of French-Canadian descent. When I first moved to Vermont, I was unaware of this strong heritage. Yes, I knew my history and that of Vermont, but to live it, is a different story. I now have a broader view of my heritage, through the people I meet, the people I connect back to my roots.

One of the many ways to understand our heritage, besides asking our parents and grandparents about your family, is through language. Learning the language your forefathers spoke helps us get closer to them. It’s not always an easy task but in today’s world, we have access to practically everything!

Here at Saint Francis Xavier school, we are blessed to be able to offer all our students both French and Spanish classes. Our Middle Schoolers have the opportunity to practice both languages using a great app, on their tablet, that complements very well our classes.

Here are great suggestions for learning French and many more languages. Adults and children alike will find something of interest. Download on your computer, laptop, iPhone, tablet or smartphone… anywhere, anytime, with anyone! Learning French can be fun!

  • Duolingo (free, educational, fun for the school-age children!)
Check this link with great suggestions of apps as well:
  • Rosetta Stone (probably the best but you must pay to enjoy the complete program)
  • Memrise


Happy learning and happy connecting with your heritage!

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Saint Francis Xavier School

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