Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Get Out and Play!

According to, the average child spends about 5-7 hours a day in front of the screen. While some of the screen time is for educational purposes, most of the hours come from watching television or playing video games. It is recommended that everyone should be getting at least 60 minutes or more of physical activity a day. While it is only 1 hour, only one out of three people get the recommended physical activity a day. Here are some suggestions for both adults and children to get out and play!

While there is nothing wrong with sitting down and watching the football game on Sunday, or watching your favorite TV show during the week, we need to be more conscious of getting the recommended physical exercise a day.

Here are some ways to get outside and get the physical activity we need!

Grades Pre-K thru 5:
  • Play tag at recess
  • Play a sport you enjoy 
  • Go for a bike ride (or tricycle ride)
  • Play catch with mom or dad
  • Gymnastics
Grades 6 thru 12:
  • Get out and move (skateboarding, biking, swimming, gymnastics, shooting baskets)
  • Muscle Strength Building 
  • 6-9 graders body weight exercises
    (push-ups, running, sit ups, pull ups)
  • 10-12 graders free weight exercises
    (get on a specific workout plan)
  • Team sports
  • Join a men's/women’s league
    (basketball, hockey, volleyball)
  • go for a brisk walk or a run

It is so important to get out and move! In my experience, since graduating from college and not playing college baseball anymore, it is hard to find time to be active. I went and bought a fitbit, so now I can always see how many steps and active minutes I get a day!

Below are 3 links for you to look at to see more ideas and statistics of physical activity and screen time!  

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